ZONE6 is a photographic publishing house 
based in the suburbs of South/West London

Instagram is the worst place to view images... 
print them instead. 

ZONE6 prides itself on being an environmentally
 friendly and socially responsible organisation. 

All products, whether books, prints or clothes are 
always packed in paper rather than plastic. All 
orders are sent either in paper envelopes or 
100% compostable packing bags. All cotton 
used in clothing products is 100% organic, ethically 
traded and produced using carbon neutral 
manufacturing which is powered solely by 
wind and solar energy. 

(For more information on our supplier please feel free to get in touch)
Supported charities: SkatePal Runnymede Trust Unicef's Yemen Appeal Rhythms of Life The Childhood Trust Exist Loudly Afghan Aid Target Ovarian Cancer